Starting A Practice

The idea of starting your own practice raises lots of questions.

You need more than answers. You need a trusted business advisor with experience and proven success. 

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  • There are a number of influences to consider when determining a viable location. 

    In addition to standard market research such as general demographic and income profiles and specific market profiles, the reports prepared by Practice Evolutions are also customized to focus on unique factors that would specifically affect an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Practice. 

    They provide an in-depth look into potential states, cities and communities to help you make the most educated decision on where to start your practice, and also include listings of potential referrals and competitors in the area of study.

    After your reports are prepared, we will walk you through the findings and address key points of interest to be considered in the decision making process.

  • Whether you are interested in purchasing or leasing a property, finding a location to practice can be a very difficult and time consuming task. Our goal is to streamline this process for you. 

    When purchasing property, no matter if it is for a new-build or the building-out an existing space, a tremendous amount of research should be completed by experts who understand the requirements of an Oral Surgery office. These experts should also be your advocates - hired by you and not the seller! 
    Our financial criteria ensures the projected costs are aligned with your forecasted stream of revenue and expenses. 
    The environmental criteria we use investigates the current environmental condition and indicates any future obligations of the property needed to satisfy regulatory compliance to nature preservation, contamination and groundwater management.
    The regulation criteria we apply legitimizes that the costs and time constraints in obtaining statutory planning approvals for the property are acceptable. 
    Our physical criteria, defines the opportunities and limitations of the property to ensure it will satisfy facility functionality and accessibility requirements. 

    When reviewing spaces and negotiating lease terms, there are many elements to consider to ensure you have found the best space for your needs. Our methodology for finding the best fit minimizes time and effort on your part and guarantees a thorough evaluation of potential properties is conducted. 
    First, an initial briefing and space analysis will be conducted to define your preferences and requirements. Next, a listing of lease properties will be prepared and discussed with you. Once a location(s) has been determined as viable, we then begin to negotiate the leasing terms on your behalf. Working with the attorney of your choice, we ensure your interests are protected and your requirements are met. 

  • Once a viable location has been identified, the next step in starting a new Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice is developing a business plan. 

    Your Business Plan will supply you with the knowledge of how and where your capital is best used for maximum profitability and is crucial to attaining necessary financing. 

    Detailing all aspects of an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice’s operations, the key elements of your business plan are an Executive Summary, a Cash Flow Analysis, and a Contingency Plan. 

    Practice Evolutions will help shape your ideas and create a tailored business plan that provides you a roadmap for success.

  • Our long standing track record of success in the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery industry coupled with our strong relationships with lenders allows us to help you attain 100% financing for expanding, remodeling, or building a new practice and guarantee that your lending process will run smoothly and efficiently.

    Our lenders provide highly competitive rates and their approval processes are fast and efficient. Keeping the unique circumstances of an Oral Surgery Start-up in mind, we collaborate with our lending partners on your behalf to ensure loan terms are optimized to your situation. 

    Preferred terms we negotiate are: The principle loan amount is all-encompassing to cover project hard costs, soft costs and working capital to help you get started and ensure you have money to pay yourself; initial interest-only loan re-payment options are available while you adjust to ownership; and long-term loan re-payments remain affordable and safe from interest rate changes.

  • Branding & Identity

  • In order to take insurance at your new practice or treat patients at a near-by hospital or medical facility, you must first go through a credentialing process in which insurance networks, healthcare organizations and hospitals obtain and evaluate documentation regarding a medical or dental provider's education, training, work history, licensure, regulatory compliance record and malpractice history before they will allow you to participate in a network or treat patients. 
    The process of credentialing can be challenging and can also take anywhere from 3-6 months to submit the paperwork, supplementary documentation, and correspond with insurance companies’ credentialing departments. Because of the time-consuming nature of credentialing and the large amount of paperwork that is required, most generally find the process undesirable and as a result either take shortcuts or choose to opt-out of the process altogether - both of which have seriously damaging effects on procedure reimbursement rates. 
    We help you tackle this process by either educating you on best practices to do it yourself or by introducing you to companies that specialize in credentialing and contracting for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

  • We take pride in our finished product - inside and out, which is why we emphasize the importance of equipping our clients' offices with state-of-the-art medical & dental equipment designed for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. 
    At no additional cost to you, we partner with our Subsidiary Company Equipment Evolutions to guide you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your facility. Once the preferred required equipment has been specified and budgeted for, we will coordinate with your project timeline to ensure your orders are placed and delivered in line with construction milestones. Then prior to opening, we will schedule our installers to be onsite readily available to troubleshoot and provide equipment training for your staff. After your office openings, we also offer on-going support for your facility connecting your office with a host of service specialists to provide continuing support and maintenance.

  • If your practice does not have efficient, quality employee programs in place then you could potentially be losing thousands of dollars in monetary costs through separation processing, replacement hiring, training, lost productivity, and potentially lost business. 

     Focus On Business 

    In your practice there are things you love to do, and things you have to do. Let us help you handle the things in the area of HR that you have to do. So you can focus on what you love to do. 

     Reduce Liability 

    A single poorly handled employee incident could jeopardize your entire practice. Issues ranging from wrongful termination to a hostile workplace never need to be an issue in a practice that is doing all the little things necessary to prevent them. The problem is many practices are not aware of their responsibilities, and this can lead to disaster. 

     Increase Employee Productivity 

     Implementing a strategic performance management plan for every employee in your practice, allows the practice to monitor, report and review the performance of each member of your staff. 

     A Better Workplace 

    From recruiting the best people, to designing effective compensation plans, to regular performance reviews to training and development programs, we can help. The goal of any practice should be to provide a friendly and challenging workplace for all employees. Employees who love their job and their employer stick around and produce more.

  • To operate at a high-efficiency performance level, a practice needs a strategy and an action plan. 

    Our Practice Development consulting provides our clients the tools and hands-on advice they need to improve patient care and office efficiency. We want to maximize your office flow for a higher production rate.

    We help you develop a Practice Vision Strategy and implement sound practice policies that will provide your staff with specific workflows and duties and appointment and procedure preparation checklists to standardize a quality patient experience and referral relations.

  • The days when an oral surgery practice could limit their marketing and advertising efforts to phone books, newspapers, and word-of-mouth are gone. Today’s Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice has to develop a much more strategic marketing plan to grab the attention of consumers and referrals.
    Incorporating a variety grass roots, digital, and print marketing tactics, we work with you to create a customized, comprehensive marketing plan and a strategy of how to best execute it for optimal results.

  • Creating a business and opening a practice from scratch demands expertise in a variety of fields other than Oral Surgery. We assist you with defining the overall project scope, creating and maintaining an overall timeline, defining and controlling costs, and reducing various risks throughout the project. Our comprehensive project management services include in-depth knowledge and seamless integration of all the following industries: 

    Commercial Real Estate 

     Finance & Accounting 

    Commercial & Professional Insurance 

    HR & Business Development