Selling A Practice

Are you ready to sell your practice?

Let us help you sell your practice discretely, professionally, and for a fair value.  We will help lead and plan out the transition process by working with your accountant, financial planner, and attorney.  We walk you through every step ensuring a smooth transition for your staff, your referrals, and the buyer.

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  • In today’s competitive environment, growing an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice can be very difficult. There are a number of influences to consider when attempting to grow an existing Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice.

    The reports prepared by Practice Evolutions will help you develop a plan that will maximize your practice 

    by understanding the demographics and competition of your practice location and also ensure that you have reasonable expectations as to how your practice is truly capable of improving.

    Our Demographic Reports will include 

     potential referrals as well as competitors in the area of study, the general demographic and income profile , and the specific market profile.

  • Regardless of your situation, 

    our goal is to guide you to making smart decisions about insurance contracting 

    so you realize the highest profits on the codes you utilize the most. 

    Practice Evolutions will conduct a comprehensive insurance analysis 

    to determine how the insurances you currently participate with compare to your current cash fee schedules. 

    Next, we will conduct a fee analysis specific to your area which will help determine if any fee adjustments would be a good option for your practice to consider.

    Our goal 

    would be to determine if we can increase profits by negotiating reimbursement fee schedules or shifting insurance company participation. For some practices this may mean adding a few select insurance companies that are willing to negotiate, and for other practices it may mean dropping some poor paying insurance companies to achieve higher profits. 

    For many offices it’s a matter of renegotiating current contracts to get paid more for the work already being produced. 

     Practice Evolutions will also help you streamline the process 

    of billing and collections through state-of-the-art technology and new innovative techniques to collect claims.

  • Understanding an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Practices’ needs, objectives, work flow and technical environment is vital to providing technology solutions capable of supporting your practice. 

    Regardless of project size or complexity, the understanding of how an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Practice can utilize and integrate technology efficiently is critical. 

    We have experienced people that understand both the technical and clinical side of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery which allows us to analyze your needs and, if necessary, design a network that will enhance your practices efficiency and productivity.

  • Our long standing track record of success in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery coupled with our strong relationships with lenders allows us to 

    help you attain 100% financing 

    for maximizing an Oral Maxillofacial Surgery practice and guarantee that your lending process will run smoothly and efficiently.

     Our lenders approval processes are fast, efficient, and will provide very competitive rates. 

     With our help, your loan payment will remain affordable 

    and safe from interest rate changes, all-encompassing for the project costs, and interest-only while you adjust.

  • Often enough, when opening a new practice or taking over an existing practice, Oral Surgeons will skim over small details in their business model that were not crucial to opening doors and seeing patients. 

    We will review your current practice financials and develop a cash flow analysis that details out all aspects of your Oral Surgery practice. 

    From these findings, we will help you define what overhead costs can be lowered, what overhead costs can be reallocated, and what can your practice do to become more profitable in its existing state. 

    The business plan created in collaboration with you will be critical 

    as it will provide you a detailed road-map as to how you will grow and maximize your existing Oral Maxillofacial Surgery practice.

    The key elements of your business plan will include, 

    an Executive Summary, a Cash Flow Analysis, and a Contingency Plan. 

    Your Business Plan will supply you with the knowledge of what, why, how, and where your capital is best used for maximum profitability.

  • Too often old or out dated equipment severely affects practice efficiency and quality of patient care. 

    We take pride in our finished product - inside and out, 

    which is why we emphasize the importance of equipping our clients' offices with state-of-the-art medical & dental equipment designed for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. 

    We will help ensure that a proper equipment analysis is provided and budgeted for if necessary.

    With more than 15 years of experience in medical equipment consulting,

     allow us to guide you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your facility. 

    Practice Evolutions is affiliated with numerous medical and dental 
    equipment vendors

     and our team of in-house equipment installers will not only personally coordinate with you on preferred install dates, but they will also provide clinical equipment training for your staff. 

    If that wasn't enough, 

    we also offer on-going support for your facility 

    connecting your office with a host of service specialists to provide continuing support and maintenance.

  • To operate at a high-efficiency, maximum performance level, 

    every practice needs a strategy and a plan. 

    Our Practice Development consulting provides our clients the tools and hands-on advice they need to improve patient care and office efficiency. 

    We can help you, develop your Practice Vision Strategy, 

    implement sound practice policies and standardize the quality patient experiences, and standardize referral relations. 

     We want to maximize your office flow for a better production rate. 

    Using solutions that will provide your staff with specific workflows and duties, training scripts and agendas, and appointment and procedure preparation checklists.

     It is important to have internal practice-building concepts

     such as management forms, and various forms of regular reporting, and to even develop external practice-building concepts such as identifying many continuing education opportunities.

  • If your practice does not have efficient, 

    quality employee programs in place then you could potentially be losing thousands of dollars in monetary costs through separation processing, replacement hiring, training, lost productivity, and potentially lost business. 

    Reduce Liability, 

    a single poorly handled employee incident could jeopardize your entire practice. Issues ranging from wrongful termination to a hostile workplace never need to be an issue in a practice that is doing all the little things necessary to prevent them. The problem is many practices are not aware of their responsibilities, and this can lead to disaster. 

    Our clients can sleep well at night knowing that these issues are being handled professionally and competently. 

    Increase Employee Productivity 

    by implementing a strategic performance management plan for every employee in your practice, which are aligned with your business goals. This will allow the practice to monitor, report and review the performance of each member of your staff. 

    Employees appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them, and will rise to exacting standards when they know their performance is being measured and reviewed. 

    Decrease Total Cost of Labor, 

    If you analyze your entire cost of labor from benefits, worker’s compensation, recruitment, administration, low productivity and more, you will find places where your practice could be more efficient. Depending on the size of your practice, that could mean tens of thousands of dollars a year in savings.

     Increase Profits 

    with a strategic human resources solution that should lower your overall cost of labor, and by having a strategic performance and oversight plan for each employee you will help ensure your practice will be operating at higher levels of output than it would be otherwise.

    Reduce Turnover, 

    one of the biggest hits to your productivity and profitability is employee turnover. Keeping good employees happy doesn't happen by accident. It is planned! 

    Our clients benefit from thoroughly planned and proven HR administration that dramatically reduces turnover. From recruiting the best people, to designing effective compensation plans, to regular performance reviews to training and development programs, we can help. 

    Focus On Business, 

    in your practice there are things you love to do, and things you have to do. 

    Let us help you handle the things in the area of HR that you have to do. So you can focus on what 

    you love to do. 

    Benefit Plans, 

    by pooling all of our resources together we typically can get enhanced benefit plans and administration to your employees at a decreased cost than a practice otherwise could get on their own. An attractive benefit and compensation plan is crucial to attracting the best people. 

    24-Hour Access To Records, 

    your employees will appreciate being able to access important data online securely any time of the day or night. They can see their own payroll records, evaluations, W-2's, vacation time and more.

    A Better Workplace, 

    the goal of any practice should be to provide a friendly and challenging workplace for all employees. Employees who love their job and their employer stick around and 

    produce more.