Administrative Services

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  • In many cases today, finding a location to start-up or set up a satellite office for an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Practice can be very difficult. One has to consider a number of factors when determining a “viable” location such as:

    • Referral Base Statistics

      • # of referrals within the overall area

      • Detailed information on the specialists in the area

      • Referral to OMS Ratio

    • OMS Competition Statistics

      • Detailed information on the OMS’ in the area

      • Population to OMS Ratio

    • Maps

      • Notating where referrals and competition are located

      • Practice Location Recommendations

    • Comprehensive Demographic Profile

    A demographic and competitive analysis will help answer the following questions:

    • Is there and will there be sufficient population to serve an Oral & Maxillofacial Practice both immediately and long-term?

    • Is the demographic character of the population being served a likely indicator that these residents will seek help from an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon both immediately and long-term?

    • Is the referral base sufficiently large enough to support an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Practice both immediately and long-term?

    • Does the location appear to be economically sound and diverse?

  • Site Selection:

    What is the #1 rule when dealing with real estate? Location! Location! Location! Whether you are planning on purchasing or leasing a property, finding a location to practice can be a very difficult and time consuming journey.


    If you are Oral Surgeon considering purchasing land and building a new office, or remodeling an existing building, a tremendous amount of research should to be completed by people who are experts and understand the requirements of an Oral Surgery office, It is also very, very important that those experts be your advocates, hired by you and not the realtor of the seller!

    Although each project differs in their nature and complexity, our services include providing you a comprehensive level of information that is centered around the following criteria: 

    • Financial Criteria: Verify the forecasted stream of revenue and expenses attached to delivering the project once completed are within your budget

    • Environmental Criteria: Verify the present environmental condition and future obligations of the property will satisfy regulatory compliance to nature preservation, contamination and groundwater management.

    • Regulatory Criteria: Verify that the costs and time constraints in obtaining statutory planning approvals (zoning, subdivision, construction, permits, etc.) for both the land and/or building developments are acceptable.

    • Physical Criteria: Verify the opportunities and limitations of the present or future building/land will satisfy your needs (i.e. parking, landscaping, entry and exit, etc.)

    • Investment Cash Flow Criteria: If you plan on having a multi-tenant facility, then you need to evaluate and determine;

      • What is an acceptable cash flow model that will fully account for the revenue and expenditures of the facility


    We specialize in assisting Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons identify space and negotiate lease transactions. Our client focused approach puts you in the driver's seat by having us do the leg work in finding the best space for your needs. We will help you identify the space, draft a lease proposal, send out letters of interest, and help negotiate and review the lease agreement with your attorney.

  • Business Plan:

    We help you draft a business plan that details all aspects of an Oral Surgery practice that will provide you a roadmap for how you will achieve success. Regardless of your business acumen or background, if you are planning to start a new Oral Surgery practice, your first step is a business plan. Shaping your ideas and creating the right business plan is crucial to attaining the necessary financing needed.

    We will help you develop a thorough business plan including an executive summary that accurately summarizes the business plan, a detailed description of the services you will provide, a comprehensive justification of the capital required, a breakdown of your referrals and general population being served, contingency plans to deal with unforeseen costs and related risks, an analysis of your competition, and a cash flow analysis, which will be the most critical aspect of your business plan. The cash flow analysis will include your projected profit and loss, detailed overhead forecasts, and market analysis tables.

  • An Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Start Up touches virtually every major economic sector of United States economy. Our comprehensive project management services include in depth knowledge and seamless integration of all the following Industries as it pertains to Oral Surgery:

    Practice Evolutions will assist you with defining the overall project scope, creating and maintaining an overall timeline, defining and controlling costs, and reducing various risks throughout the project.

  • We help you attain 100% financing for expanding, remodeling, or building a new practice. Our long standing track record of success in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery coupled with our strong relationships with lenders allows us to guarantee that your lending process with run smoothly and efficiently. Our lenders approval processes are fast, efficient, and will provide very competitive rates.

    • Up to 100% financing for everything from real estate purchase, to architectural and design fees, construction, equipment, cabinetry and other project related expenses.

    • Working capital to help you get started and ensure you have money to pay yourself.

    • Competitive terms to keep payments low and affordable

    • Rate lock program that will protect you against potential interest rate changes.

    • Interest-only payments available while you adjust to ownership

  • Medical & Dental Equipment

    Practice Evolutions is dedicated to providing its Oral & Maxillofacial Clients with the latest and greatest medical & dental equipment designed for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

    Practice Evolutions is affiliated with various medical and dental equipment vendors.  Let our 15+ years of experience to guide you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your facility. At the end of the construction process, our team of installers will install all the clinical equipment in your new facility and provide training for your staff. We offer on-going maintenance and support for your facility or can team you up with various service organizations to provide continuing support and maintenance.


  • Our mission is to help Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons attain financial stability and independence while improving their personal lives. Practice Evolutions helps Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons to work smart and not hard. Practice Evolutions has all the expert, dedicated professionals your practice will need to ensure maximum profitability. We are a team of highly skilled individuals that know both the clinical side and business side of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. We not only advise our clients on how to improve patient care and efficiency, but we can actually help implement the advice in a hands-on manner.

    Our Practice Development Services include:

    • Consultation to understand your practice vision

    • Maximizing Patient Flow

    • Implementing Sound Practice Policies

    • Provide staff phone training

    • Implementing Front Office Opening & Closing Duties

    • Implement Back Office Opening & Closing Duties

    • Implement Internal Practice Building Concepts

    • Implement systems to improve and sustain consistent quality patient experiences

    • Provide Consultation Checklists

    • Provide Surgery Checklists

    • Provide Practice Management forms

    • Implement Financial & Practice Reporting

    • Provide EMR Templates

    • Provide Referral Letter Templates

    • Provide Patient Letter Templates

    • Implement External Practice Building Concepts

  • Credentialing is the process by which insurance networks, healthcare organizations and hospitals obtain and evaluate documentation regarding a medical or dental provider's education, training, work history, licensure, regulatory compliance record and malpractice history before allowing that doctor to participate in a network or treat patients at a hospital or medical facility.

    When you are In-Network with an insurance network, you are considered a “Preferred Provider” with them. You sign a contract stating that you agree to a specified fee schedule which is lower than your regular fees in most cases. In exchange for the discount, the insurance company promotes your practice by listing you as a Provider with their customers (your potential patients).

    The process of credentialing can be a challenging and generally takes between 3-6 months to submit the paperwork, submit supplementary documentation, and correspond with insurance companies’ credentialing departments. Because of the large amount of paperwork and correspondence that is required, doctors generally find the process to be undesirable, and very time-consuming.

    We will help you navigate this process by either educating you on how to do it yourself or introduce you to some companies that specialize in credentialing and contracting for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

  • and Jack.

    If your practice does not have efficient, quality employee programs in place then you could potentially be losing thousands of dollars in monetary costs through separation processing, replacement hiring, training, lost productivity, and potentially lost business.

    Reduce Liability

    A single poorly handled employee incident could jeopardize your entire practice. Issues from wrongful termination to a hostile workplace need never be an issue in a practice that is doing all the little things necessary to prevent them. The problem is many practices are not aware of their responsibilities, and this can lead to disaster. Our clients can sleep well at night knowing that these things are being professionally and competently handled.

    Increase Employee Productivity

    By implementing a strategic performance management plan for every employee in your practice which are aligned with your business goals will allow the practice to monitor, report and review the performance of each member of your staff. Employees appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them, and will rise to exacting standards when they know their performance is being measured and reviewed.

    Decrease Total Cost of Labor

    If you analyze your entire cost of labor from benefits, worker’s compensation, recruitment, administration, low productivity and more, you will find places where your practice could be more efficient. Depending on the size of your practice, that could mean tens of thousands of dollars a year in savings.

    Increase Profits

    A strategic human resources solution should lower your overall cost of labor, and by having a strategic performance and oversight plan for each employee will help ensure your practice will be operating at higher levels of output than it otherwise would be.

    Reduce Turnover

    One of the biggest hits to your productivity and profitability is employee turnover. Keeping good employees happy doesn’t happen by accident. It is planned! Our clients benefit from thoroughly planned and proven HR administration that dramatically reduces turnover. From recruiting the best people, to designing effective compensation plans, to regular performance reviews to training and development programs, we can help.

    Focus On Business

    In your practice there are things you love to do, and things you have to do. Let us help you handle the things in the area of HR that you have to do. So you can focus on what you love to do.

    Benefit Plans

    By pooling all of our resources together we typically can get enhanced benefit plans and administration to your employees at a decreased cost than a practice otherwise could get on their own. An attractive benefit and compensation plan is crucial to attracting the best people.

    24-Hour Access To Records

    Your employees will appreciate being able to access important data online securely any time of the day or night. They can see their own payroll records, evaluations, W-2s, vacation time and more.

    A Better Workplace

    The goal of any practice should be to provide a friendly and challenging workplace for all employees. Employees who love their job and their employer stick around and produce more.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan:

    The days when an oral surgery practice could limit their marketing and advertising efforts to phonebooks, newspapers, community events, and local magazines are gone. Today’s Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice has to incorporate three primary modalities of marketing which are grass roots marketing, digital marketing, and print marketing. We will work with you to provide a customized comprehensive marketing plan and a strategy of how to best execute the given plan designed for you. We will help you in some cases directly and in other cases we will direct you to our marketing partners with the following:

    • Practice Branding

      • Logo Design

      • Stationary Design

      • Brochure Design

      • Referral Pads

      • Branding Materials

    • Digital Marketing

      • Website Design

      • Internet Marketing

      • Social Media Marketing

    • Referral Marketing

      • Topics of Discussion

      • Referral Letters

      • Routing Plan

    As you execute the plan we have created for you, you should start realizing immediate and measurable results. We will strive very hard to meet your goals, while always using past success and experience as a guide.